Guerrilla Productions LLC


Experience... sets us apart

We love TV.  Since 2001, my company has been creating rock solid television and video.  I take pride in having a company that is easy to work with. With locations in Savannah, GA and Raleigh, NC, we create exactly what you’re looking for:

  • on deadline
  • in budget
  • without all the drama

Whether we're doing video production from a wobbly hang glider at 3,500 ft, strapping a camera operator to the hood of a car, or setting up our jib at 3am for the perfect morning mist, the extra effort to create great TV and video is always worth it.

Video production, web videos, television commercials, TV shows, corporate video, video editing, HD video editing, and the list goes on.

We love what we do.

Trailer Samples

Video Samples