When we shot this pilot, we learned some unexpected things. I asked an actress to rappel into an abandoned warehouse, upside down, with a laser, while wearing a catsuit. The answer was yes before I could even finish the description. Explaining the trunk full of rope, ski masks and metal cutting tools to my wife, well, I’m still working on that.

It is really fun to use so much of our production gear for a single 3 day project. We used multiple cameras, our dolly, jib, gimbal, parallax sliders, and drone. We even pulled out our big HMI lights and built custom props.

We shot this docudrama pilot in beautiful Sonoma, CA, about a family owned winery. There is a time of year when all of the grapes come in and everything else hits the fan. This time is called Crush. The winery has just a few weeks to harvest the grapes, ferment the wines, and fight the weather, fires and dwindling resources. Luckily Winston the winery dog is in charge, or at least thinks he is. We had a great time telling the story from the dog’s point of view.

We have worked with multiple school districts across the country creating 100s of videos to recruit teachers and staff. Not only was the MSD of Decatur in Indiana a fascinating school district to work with, their earnestness and caring for their students really comes through in this documentary styled video.

The school system of Jackson, MS needed a concise way to cut through social media clutter to hire teachers and staff from outside the area. We wrote and shot this spot to promote an overlooked area that has a lot to offer.

Boxlight has developed a family of ed tech products. We created a series of promotional video using their scripts. We used our dolly system, parallax cine slider and gimbal to create a smooth, bright look.

We work nationally. More than 80% of what we shoot is around the US. Most of our staff proudly lives in Savannah and we enjoy supporting our hometown. The City of Savannah gave us creative freedom with this spot. They also loaned us a very, very, stinky couch for the day.

We work as the video backend for several advertising agencies. For more than 10 years we have created video for High Tide Creative in New Bern, NC. Their writing and casting allowed us to focus on the framing, lighting, and character emotions to shoot this concise tourism video in one production day. And yes, the sticky buns were awesome. And yes, the whole crew ate them too.

We really enjoy historical video work. The inner nerd in me really comes out when we get into the fine details of costuming, finding props from the correct era, even creating cinematic lighting that looks period correct. This video was created as a museum exhibit for the Owens Thomas House in Savannah.

We created this documentary for the Diocese of Savannah to show to the Vatican. Yes, that Vatican. The documentary involved over a year of research, interviews, and travel by boat to remote islands off the Atlantic coast. We created historically accurate wardrobe, props and hair cuts for our cast. With a crew of 8 and a cast of 14 we shot the historical reenactments on the coast in St. Augustine to capture the look and feel of first contact between the Franciscan Friars and the Guale Native Americans in 1597. The creation and filming of the dugout canoe is its own story.

The Colonial School District in Delaware wanted to do something different with their strategic plan. Instead of a 40 page PowerPoint they wanted a concise video, in chapters, to capture the energy of their growth. Our crew used large light sources and our Zeiss CP Super Speed cinema lenses to creating a smooth, cinematic, aspirational look.

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